The Italian Supreme Court issued an important decision concerning the application of tax treaty benefits to partnerships.

The judgment (n. 4600 of 2009) will be deposited soon and we will publish it with additional comments as soon as it is available.

Under the facts of the case, a US Limited partnership received the payment of a dividend from an Italian company. A Japanese fund, member of the US limited  partnership, claimed the reduction of the Italian withholding tax on the dividend pursuant to the Italy-Japan tax treaty. The Italian dividend withholding tax rate is 27 percent. The Italy-Japan treaty reduces it to 10 percent for inter-company dividends (paid to shareholders owning at least 25 percent of voting shares of the payer) and to 15 percent for portfolio dividends.

Italy’s tax administration rejected the treaty claim on the ground that the Japanese fund is not the legal recipient of the dividend. The treaty grants the benefits if "the recipient" of the dividend is a company that qualifies to treaty benefits.

In the case at hand, the US LP, which was the recipient of the dividend, was transparent and did not qualify for treaty benefits under the US-Italy treaty, while the Japanese fund was the final economic owner but not the legal recipient of the dividend.

The Court accepted the position of the tax administration and observed that other Italian treaties, granting treaty benefits to a treaty partner who is the beneficial owner of the dividend, would command a different result.