MARCO Q. ROSSI & ASSOCIATI is an international tax boutique law firm with offices in New York and Italy, offering EU and Italian legal advice and international tax planning to foreign individuals living, working or investing in Italy and the E.U. and foreign companies doing business in or with Italy and the E.U.

The firm’s services include:

  • EU Law and Italian tax and legal advice to foreign individuals moving into or out of Italy on how to plan their changes in Italian tax residency and manage their Italian taxes;
  • EU Law and Italian tax and legal planning for foreign investors, companies and business investing or doing business in or with Italy;
  • EU and Italian cross-border legal advice on U.S.-Italy cross-border matters;
  • advice on Italian double income tax treaties and EU tax law.

Marco Rossi is the founder of the firm and is based in New York. He can be reached at 212-918-4875 or 646-764-1095 or by e-mail at